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Garage Door Repairs and Service Perth

We offer repairs and servicing to existing sectional panel lift garage doors, roller garage doors and automatic garage door openers in Perth.

Most garage door repairs will be from deterioration of the product from lack of maintenance or due to unforeseen impact damage, leaving the garage door and or garage door opener to not be performing correctly or even in at a point where the garage door becomes unusable.


Common repairs for sectional panel lifts doors are broken springs, damaged or missing hinges, frayed or snapped cables.

Automated garage door openers for both sectional panel lift doors and roller doors may need to have the sensitivity limits checked and reset or in some cases circuit boards replaced.

At Galos Garage Doors we provide a range of residential garage door repairs and services across the Perth metropolitan area.

Our primary offerings include;

  • Garage door repairs

  • Garage door service & maintenance

  • Garage door and garage door opener installation replacement

  • Garage door insurance claims and insurance related work to assist with claim related repairs are required.

  • Garage door emergency make safe

To ensure you get the longevity out of your garage door and garage door opener proper maintenance and servicing will be required. 

We recommend regularly lubricating crucial moving parts such as hinges, side rollers and springs with White Grease Spray for garage doors. 

Any garage door adjustments should only be done by a qualified garage door technician, due to the loads and tensions the doors are under. 

The garage door and automated garage door opener should be serviced regularly, at least every 12months by a qualified garage door technician in accordance with the manufacture's warranty provisions. 

There is usually a sticker on the back of your garage door, which will have an installation date and any dates of service history.  Check to see when your garage door was last serviced.

Regular washing of the garage door panels or curtain with warm, soapy water with enhance the life of the product.

We use premium, genuine brand products from reputable, industry leading garage door manufacturers and garage door suppliers.

We have qualified garage door technicians, all our workmanship is guaranteed.

When looking for a company to do a service and comparing garage door service pricing, please remember to ask what will be done in that service booking.  At Galos Garage Doors, we take pride in our full garage door service.  For a sectional garage door we:

  • Check the garage door and garage door opener are running smoothly and correctly, including checking for any missing or damaged components.

  • Check the garage door auto reverse safety function is operating correctly.

  • Check the garage door tension, including the springs and make adjustments as required

  • White grease lubricate all moving parts

  • The most important difference with our service for a sectional garage door is we remove ALL the wheels and pack them with grease before reinstalling them.  (Spraying White grease spray on the wheels is a short term solution.)


Let us supply you with top notch garage door repairs and servicing at a competitive price, hit the button below to book you next annual garage door service.

Custom Garage Door Perth - Insurance Claims

Garage Door Insurance Claims

In the instance where the sectional panel lift garage door panels or a roller garage door curtain is dented due to impact damage, we can offer a quote, report and photos to be issued to your insurance company for a possible claim.  We will also provide an estimate of the cost to replace the damaged section(s), arranged for on-site inspection and repair or replacement, wherever possible.

For sectional panel lift doors repairs, dependant on compatible variables eg:

  • age of the garage door

  • the brand of the garage door

  • colour of the panels

The sectional panel lift door panels can be made to order individually for repairs work, which can save dollars rather than replacing a whole door.

We use genuine brand name parts that are safety compliant to do our garage door repairs.

Galos Garage Doors has achieved a CM3 certification,
which means we have the correct licenses, insurances and
our health and safety compliance checks for our work is current and at a high standard.

Garage Door Service - Garage Door Repairs Perth

If you can’t find what you are looking for or need information on panel lift or sectional garage doors, get in touch and we will be more than happy to help find the perfect solution

Galos Garage Doors provides comprehensive garage door installation and service across all areas of Perth, ensuring top-notch quality and customer satisfaction.

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