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Sectional Profiles For Your Garage Doors

What's your style?

Choose from a selection of Garage Door Profiles to create the perfect impression for the front of your home.

fineline sectional garage door perth

Fineline Sectional Garage Door Profile

This style is among the best selling garage doors across Perth we supply at Galos Garage Doors and is a real customer favourite.


Finelines are pressed into the panels.

Ribline Sectional Garage Door Profile

Deeper, more profound pressed line than the fineline feature.


The ribline is the classic garage door parallel imprint look.

ribline sectional garage door perth
flatline sectional garage door perth

Flatline Sectional Garage Door Profile

Sleek, no form or pattern on the panel.

Ranch Sectional Garage Door Profile

Elongated rectangles pressed into each panel of the garage door.


Not available in panel heights below 490mm AND above 570mm

ranch sectional garage door perth
stanford sectional garage door perth

Standford Sectional Garage Door Profile

Small rectangles, pressed into each garage door panel.

Heritage Sectional Garage Door Profile

Squares pressed into each panel of the garage door.

Not available in heights below 490mm AND above 570mm

heritage sectional garage door perth
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