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Garage Door Products

We’re a full service supply garage door company providing our clients with a wide range of high quality products from trusted branded sources.


All of the products we supply are produced in reputable factories and are backed by the manufacturers.


All workmanship of servicing and installation is guaranteed by Galos Garage Doors. Let us supply you with top notch service at an industry competitive price you can afford.

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional Garage Doors are made up of individual panels that fit in together. held by hinges.  These panels are fitted to a side tracking system that allows the garage door panel to go up and around the tracks.  It an open position the garage door will be sitting parallel along the garage ceiling. 

A Sectional Garage Door will give you the most clearance into your garage, as opposed to other types of garage door systems. 

Sectional Garage Doors are currently the most popular choice, having many style and colour options with the added bonus additional height within the opening.

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sectional garage door windows perth

Sectional Garage Door Window Panels

Allow natural light into your dark garage or customise the look of your Sectional Garage Door with windows. 

Choose from various window designs that can be fitted into your sectional garage door top panel.

Custom Garage Doors

When the standard garage doors just won't do, we can look at customising your garage door to make it unique and make it a featured element of your homes façade. 


With a range of options from timber, aluminium, galvanised steel panels, Acrylic and polycarbonate inserts available to suit your vision.

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Automated Garage Doors Openers

Galos Garage doors offer a range of branded Garage Door Motors at affordable prices backed up with the manufacturers warranty.  From budget to premium Galos Garage Doors will have your door automated in no time at all.

We use reputable leading brands such as Merlin, Grifco, Steel-Line, Superlift and ATA to ensure you get a quality product suitable for your garage door. Most manufacturers offer a 5 - 7 Year Warranty on your garage door opener (unit only) depending on the Make & Model. 

Please note - *Terms & Conditions apply for valid warranty to apply - A service by a qualified garage door technician to the door/opener as per the manufacturer's warranty terms and conditions is required to ensure the opener is operating correctly and under correct tension.

Garage Door Premium Finishes & Upgrades

Want to upgrade for a more premium finish? 

Need something a little bit extra?

Galos Garage Doors has options to make your door more secure, complete or easier to use.

With access to multiple major manufacturers, Galos Garage Doors has access  to a range available finishes  such as powder coating to colour match or maybe the new Matte Finish Colobond for a sleek, classic finish.

Powder coating the tracking system, adding weather seals or even a back up battery on your compatible garage door openers are also great upgrades to consider.

If you are on the coast a wind rated sectional garage door system might be more suited.

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garage door spare parts perth

Garage Door Spare Parts & Accessories

We can supply a range of Garage Door and Garage Door Opener parts.

Fit the parts yourself or have Galos Garage Doors technician assist, knowing your garage door will be fixed in a timely manner by a quality tradesman. 

Garage Door replacement remotes, springs, cables, manual locksets are just a few of the spare parts we have available.

New technology accessories such as wifi kits, wireless keypads and battery backup ensure that you can use your garage door in new ways, without having to carry a remote button,

Roller Garage Doors

Rollers doors are the most cost effective way to enclose a garage. Whether it is manual or automated, keep your garage secure, dry and presentable with the roller door. 

As the name suggests, a roller door is one piece and is referred to as a curtain which rolls up into itself at the top of the garage opening.

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garage door insulation perth

Insulated Garage Doors

Insulated garage door panels Inserts.

Fire Resistant 40mm High Density Polyurethane.

Minimise noise, assist the extreme climate temperature changes within your garage.

Let’s talk about what Galos Garage Doors can do for you.

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